Make your website explode with traffic with SEO

If you want to build your presence online, then you should seriously consider Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Ask around the online marketing industry about SEO and most of them will reply you that SEO is the most effective and beneficial online marketing method today.

It is the art of optimizing your website for the search engines so that it will be favored by the search engines. You will have to let the search engines know what your website is all about and encourage the search engines to show your website to people who are searching for terms closely related to what your website has to offer to them. It involves a lot of technical expertise to be able to communicate these information to the search engines properly. That is why you should seek the best SEO company Singapore to execute SEO for you. Do not settle for the average players. These best SEO companies will know their stuffs well and will be able to rank your websites high on the search results within a reasonable time frame. On the other hand, if you seek an average company to handle your SEO project for you, your website may not be understood by the search engines well. As a result, there may not have any significant improvement of your search rankings over the long term.

The top websites with the most traffic around the world are the search engines. Many people uses the search engines daily to aid them to find relevant content on the internet. Hence, many internet marketers know that search engines are one of the best places to advertise their websites because of the enormous volume of traffic.

Of course, there is one limitation and concern you should tackle before you decide to carry out SEO for your website. The product or service that you want to market should be well known to the general public. People in the market should know about such product or service. This will make sure there will have people searching for the product or service on the internet. Otherwise, there will be no such searches and carrying out SEO for the website may be futile.

Know what your website design quotation comprises of

Creating a website is the first step towards building your online presence.

For people that do not know how to create a website all by yourself, you will need to hire capable website designers in Singapore. There are a lot of freelance website designers and website design companies offering website design services in Singapore. A simple google search can yield you at least 30 website designers and website design companies for you to choose from.

Most people want to get the most value out of their bucks. We will compare both the perceived quality and price of the website design services. Perceived quality is judged based on the portfolio shown on the website designers’ website. It is very straight forward and simple to get a good understanding of the perceived quality of the website design services. It is not that straight forward to judge the pricing of the web design services.

Many people made the mistake of choosing the web designers based on the lowest presented website design quotation. They did not read in depth to find out the web design services included in those quotations and assumed all their requirements will be covered by the quotation. It is a common marketing tactic in the web design industry. Many web design companies will present the lowest quotation with the minimum service standards, and include in finer prints that additional fees will be charged for additional requirements and services.

It is very important to read your web design proposal thoroughly to know what your website design quotation comprises of. Make sure the quotation covers all your stated requirements. Moreover, you should also confirm the schedule and deadline of the website design project. If you feel confident enough, you can try to bargain for value-added services such as free months of online marketing services or free months of website maintenance services.

Consistently improving our website design skills

Like with every other skills, web designing skills need to be improved over time and keep up with the times. Skills, technologies, and civilizations upgrade over time. Humans improve over time. If we do not improve, we will lose out to other competitors in the market who will then be able to create something better and more valuable than us. Constant improvement ensure our survival in the world.

At Black Arrow Limited, we are working in small teams of between four to six people. All of us will handle a web design project together concurrently. If anyone is lagging behind the schedule because he does not know how to solve a particular problem, he can ask the rest of the team for help. We are constantly reminded to share our web design knowledge and skills in the team. This efficient transfer of knowledge has resulted in higher skills and knowledge for members across the entire team.

Apart from team sharing, we also attend frequent meet ups and seminars to network with other website designers outside of our agency. This allow us to gain even more knowledge our existing pool of web designers do not have. It is particularly interesting and fruitful to meet with capable website designers from Shark Web. Every time we met up with them, they would present some interesting website design concepts and ideas to us.

Of course, we are also encouraged to individually read up on website design news daily. This opens up our insights and perspective to the web design industry across the globe. This is very important as we should not limit ourselves to only the local web design industry. We believe that the web design industry should be on a global scale. Any web design trends that develop overseas will also spread to Singapore fast. If we cannot keep up to the development concurring on the global stage, we will lose our customers to more capable overseas competitors.

The web design industry is a big global arena. Remember that. Your customers can be from any country.

How to be a successful web designer and online marketer

For people who aspires to be a successful web designer and online marketer, this blog post is created just for you.

Having more than 15 years of experience in the Singapore digital marketing industry, we will be qualified to share with you some tips on how to become a successful web designer and online marketer.

Web designing and online marketing skills are not taught in Singapore schools. The Singapore school system focuses heavily on the conventional academic subjects – English, Mathematics, Science at the pre tertiary educational level, and Finance, Arts, Chemistry, Dentistry, and etc at the tertiary educational level. If you want to pick up web designing and online marketing, you will have to self-learn through online materials. Utilize the search engines to find relevant information on web designing and online marketing. There are various sources of teaching materials on web designing and online marketing such as dedicated educational websites on web designing and online marketing, Youtube channels promoting web design and digital marketing, and IT forums where web designers and digital marketers gather to share their knowledge and insights.

Taking this unconventional path to becoming a web design and online marketer is not easy. One thing for sure is that you will feel lonely sometimes. Most of your peers are taking the conventional job route. You will be inside a new industry doing very different things from your peers. The good news is – the web design and online marketing industry is booming right now. You can expect a good career progression walking down this path. In fact, there has been a huge demand for web designers in Singapore.

There are also internship programs if you wish to learn web designing and online marketing on the job. Few companies in Singapore provide these internship opportunities though. One digital marketing company that provides internship opportunities is Shark web Pte Ltd. Shark Web is a reputable digital marketing company in Singapore that offers great web designing and digital marketing services. You can check them out on their website provided.

Building A Great Website Design For Business

It is true that websites are easier to be developed these days by amateurs due to the advent of many drag and drop website designers online. However, creating a website design that will truly attract visitors and convert them into customers require special skillsets that only a true, professional Singapore web design company can do.

Although many amateurs treat web design as an art project, it’s really a customer psychology project. Everything on the website, from the type of fonts used, colours to the copy on the website, must be optimized for conversions – getting your visitors to take the desired action (it can be subscribing to you or purchasing something from you).

Let me summarize the three most important things that a website design must do for your business in Singapore.

  1. It has to be consistent with your offline branding. If you are selling luxury products, you don’t want to use colours like yellow or hot pink. The feeling that these colours bring across to the website visitors will not be consistent with their experience with your brand offline, and when your online and offline presence don’t match, you will find that it is very difficult to get your website visitors to become your customers.
  2. Your website’s copy should not be plainly stated your company’s products or services or history. It should tell a compelling story as to why the website visitors should purchase from you instead of anyone else. Your website is the cheapest and best salesperson you can ever have. It works 24 hours every day and sells for you. Even the best salesperson may say the wrong things at times, but your website’s copy can be fixed and thus get the highest closing rate.
  3. You need to have an obvious call to action. The average website visitor in Singapore has an extremely short attention span; to convert these visitors into your customers, you should not leave them hanging and not being sure of how to order or purchase from you. Chances are, if they take too long to figure out how to order your product or service, they would abandon your cart or website and leave it forever. Make sure to have an obvious call to action to close these website visitors and make sales.

Build your online presence

Online presence matters. It is the 21st Century.

Technology is booming at a rate so rapid that it is never seen before. A lot of new technologies are introduced into the market, changing the business rules of the game. Some industries such as the Taxi industry around the world are disrupted by new technology. People are excited and receptive about new technologies entering the market. More graduates are pouring into the IT industry to fuel the technological boom.

Almost everyone in the developed countries around the world are immersed in the world of technology. Many people are using the internet on a frequent basis. Internet has become a common hang out place among friends and colleagues.

With the large emphasis and traffic in the internet, you should know that you will have a much higher exposure rate if you market your business online. Many successful business owners built a solid online presence over a long term.

Start off by creating a website. If you have the time, learn web designing yourself. It is a useful and practical skill in today’s times. If you know how to design websites yourself, you can make edits to the websites anytime anywhere whenever you require the changes. Otherwise, outsource your website design and development to a website design company like us – Black Arrow Ltd. We design modern looking websites that aim to captivate the visitors’ attention and hearts.

After you created your website, you should focus on marketing your website. There are a lot of online marketing techniques. Some of the more popular ones are search engine optimization, social media marketing, and blog marketing. There are different tiers to search engine marketing – local SEO services, regional SEO services, and international SEO services. Depending on your target market, you should only choose to engage in 1 of the SEO services.

Similarly, there are also different types of social media marketing – Facebook marketing, Youtube marketing, Linkedin marketing, etc. Different target audience go to different types of social media. The key thing is to know your target market well before you choose a social media platform to advertise your website.

Blogging is rather straight forward. You can either create a sensational blog yourself or pay a popular blogger to talk about your website.